Polini Motori revolutionizes the concept of pedal-assist and presents the new Polini E-P3+ motor for e-bikes. An innovative and last generation motor, with the “+” sign (PLUS) to underline the novelties and the important step forward thanks to the never-ending analysis, the study and commitment in designing it, always looking for better performance. Light, powerful and compact, Polini E-P3+ motor features a very reduced volume and it exploit a 75Nm torque in the E-P3+ (ROAD) and 90 Nm in the MX model (for MTB) for the most demanding users.


Power 250 Watt (500 Watt peak)
Weight 2.950 gr.
Maximum torque 75 N.m
Assistance 25 km/h
Protection’s level IP 55
Pedal Frequency max 120

E-P3+ MX

Power 250 Watt (600 Watt peak)
Weight 2.950 gr.
Maximum torque 90 N.m
Assistance 25 km/h
Protection’s level IP 55
Pedal Frequency max 120


The TFT Display is easy to read thanks to the adaptive light 2,5’ color screen, with automatic adaptation of the color and intensity according to the ambient light. Furthermore it shows precisely the cyclist pedaling power, the cadence, the motor power and residual range.


Innovative design, and a longer way to go with the new 720Wh lithium-ion battery featuring 21,700 high-performance cells: fully integrated into the frame, it ensures longer rides, while giving Garelli bikes a sleek, elegant design. Weighing only 3.490 kg, the bike is extremely agile, but still allows you to travel long distances. The battery is designed and developed to enhance the features of E-P3 + and E-P3 + MX motors and its capacity can ensure a range of up to 260Km.


Average Pedalling Frequency 60-80 Rpm.
Cyclist Weight 60-80 Kg
Range – Average Speed 20-25 Km/h
Bicycle With Road Or Narrow Mtb Wheel
Flat Terrain


Polini Motori app was designed to intuitively manage and the E-P3+
and E-P3+MX engines are simple. Available for all smartphones with
iOS and Android operating systems allows you to:
– view the display on your smartphone for a clearer view and
extensive data,
– create custom maps,
– evaluate performance with travel statistics,
– monitor the health of the engine,
– optimize the experience with personalized settings.
The app is designed to improve the riding of e-bikes equipped with
an E-P3+ engine and E-P3+MX with updated firmware starting from
FW version 4.60, downloadable from the poliniebike.com website.


With this tool you can create two maps, starting from one of the three standards (TOURING, DYNAMIC, RACE) customizing gains and
couple limitations, for each of the 5 levels.


This parameter changes the speed at which the engine stops running when you stop pedaling. Engine cut-off 0% means that the cut-off engine occurs immediately when the cyclist stops pedaling,
perfect for racing bikes or downhill sections.
100% cut-off means that the motor continues to run for approximately 1 second push after you stop pedaling. This setting it is more suitable for mtb and to overcome more easily an obstacle.


A complete control center to monitor your health of engine and battery through real-time feedback.


This section shows, further to technical information such as batteries and serial number, some settings to improve the experience of use.
Furthermore, the Polini E-P3+ app this year yes evolves by introducing the reading function cardio. Simply by combining it with heart band will be seen directly your heart rate on the display.
The system will also be able to automatically send messages upon exceeding the set threshold by the user, directly from the App. Training will be more controlled and traced as well as balanced on the work thresholds optimal heart rate.